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Christopher Alexander Lecture at Berkeley, California

Christopher Alexander Lecture at Berkeley, California

UC Berkeley's Center for New Media

Christopher Alexander

The Battle To Bring Life and Beauty to the Earth

Date 5/2/11
Affiliation Architect, London


In his first West Coast public lecture in 10 years, Alexander will demonstrate that what he has been talking about for many years is feasible on a large scale. The methods for designing and building that are spelled out theoretically and practically applied in THE NATURE OF ORDER, TIMELESS WAY OF BUILDING, A PATTERN LANGUAGE, and other Center for Environmental Structure publications, are applied to the Eishin campus built near Tokyo, Japan from 1982 to 1985 - a project of 29 buildings on 20 acres of land, about nine city blocks.
The care and finesse that Alexander has been describing to us throughout his career was applied to this large project, which came in on time and less expensively than a standard construction budget would have allowed. At the beginning of the talk, Alexander will show an extensive range of images about the project, the methods of construction that were used, the involvement of students and faculty, and the overall development of a full-scale environment of a rather lovely kind.
Alexander will then talk on themes related to the way these buildings were made and are used and what it would mean if these principles could be applied to creating environments everywhere and society in general. What would that take? First is the recognition of what is described in BATTLE as system B - the method of production that is now prevalent throughout the world, which is centered on the profit motive, and supported by institutions and governments. Then we need an understanding of system A, the system which built the Eishin campus, despite system B. It was a very rough road, with many painful, arduous, and sometimes seemingly hopeless battles. But along the way, Alexander and his colleagues learned that it could be possible for these two systems to become working partners, using the best of both to achieve something that is impossible now. The most important message of BATTLE is the vision of a way forward, that we could choose together, to build a society and an environment of such a kind that we would be fulfilled in living there.

Think like an Architect By Hal Box , University of Texas Press, 2007 是好書 書末的reading list和seeing list 都很能表現是本美國人寫的書 (墨西哥案例多)
 在Google Books 幾乎可讀到全書./
中國的版本: 像建築師那樣思考 濟南:山東畫報. 2009

Trinity University

Trinity University
Motto E Tribus Unum
Motto in English From Three, One
Established 1869
Type Private
Religious affiliation Secular, formerly Presbyterian


Trinity University (Texas).jpg
大学設置/創立 1869年

我們讀Jürgen Joedicke《近代建築史》A history of modern architecture ( 1959 )孫全文譯  台北:臺隆書店1974
可以知道伊利諾亞理工的校園 有許多密斯Mies 的傑作

About IIT

Illinois Institute of Technology is a national, technological, Ph.D.-granting research university, with world-renowned programs in engineering, architecture, the sciences, humanities, psychology, business, law, and design.

Founded in 1940 and tracing its roots back to the 1890s with the foundings of Armour Institute of Technology and Lewis Institute, IIT brings a focused, interdisciplinary approach to education, including the Interprofessional Projects Program.

With five campuses throughout the Chicago area and alumni around the world, IIT pairs the educational and cultural experiences of America's Second City with the small feel of an undergraduate population of just over 2300 and total population of just over 7400.Read more about:
The Sermon and the Institute | Mergers and Changes | Inventing the Future | Bauhaus Roots at IIT | Many Voices, One Vision Strategic Plan


大度山林:七十年代大學校園回憶錄》《東海風: 東海大學的歷史》《傳承與開創: 東海工工創系四十年 ...

《大度山林:七十年代大學校園回憶錄》《東海風: 東海大學的歷史》《傳承與開創: 東海工工創系四十年 》(陳其寬題字) 《陳其寬:構築意繪》 筆、寫、作

大度山林 (趙建中)

《東海風: 東海大學的歷史》 鳥瞰東海. 175
為上帝造房子的人--專訪光源營造廠吳艮宗先生 189





從那以後我對相思樹就特別的鍾愛我覺得相思樹長得很快而且在四五月的時候開花很美樹幹不必人工修剪就長得婀娜多姿所以我個人覺得相思樹是台灣最好的樹種……。」------陳其寬我的東海因緣 (1995.8.10訪問) 載於 洪銘水,林載爵等編《東海風: 東海大學的歷史》台中: 東海大學出版社,1995176-88的第183


《東海風: 東海大學的歷史》 102


第10堂課    散步在校園的古建物旁──思索人生的智慧/089

當青蛙念到蝸牛大學--在大學點燃學習的動力/University 101: Get The Learning Motivation in University
作者: 張文亮   譯者:
出版社: 校園書房出版社  出版日期: 20130301

Bernward of Hildesheim - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernward_of_Hildesheim - CachedThe Bernward Doors at St. Mary's Cathedral, Hildesheim. One of the most famous examples of Bernward's work is a monumental set of cast bronze doors known ...

Life - World Heritage Sites - See also - References

Images for bernward hildesheim doors - Report images

The Bernward Doors at St. Mary's Cathedral, Hildesheim

Hildesheim Cathedral - Hildesheim, Germany
www.sacred-destinations.com/.../hildesheim-cathedral - CachedJul 30, 2010 – St. Bernward's Door Bernward's Door (1015) at the west end of Hildesheim Cathedral. Berward's Door Right panel detail of Bernward's Door.




發現親環境是韓國的說法 再傳到中國
其實日本可能採用 " environment-friendly ━━ a. 環境にやさしい."之說法

论文名称: 韩国亲环境农业发展政策实践与启示
英语题名: Environment-Friendly Agricultural Development Policy in S. Korea
作者: 金钟范 JIN Zhongfan 
来源: 上海财经大学财经研究所,上海,200433
摘要: 韩 国政府自20世纪90年代初期就着手促进亲环境农业发展,从20世纪90年代末以来大幅扩充和完善促进政策,制定专门法律,引进有力支援制度,制定和实 施一系列促进计划,并正在实施亲环境农业发展5年综合计划.本文考察了韩国政府的亲环境农业发展政策实践和实施中的计划特点,并探讨了其政策启示.