2008年11月20日 星期四

The Third Man

晚上到師範大學藝術史研究所參加 奧地利Innsbruck大學來的客座老師 Dr Cristoph Hoelz 放映
The Third Man (Paperback) by Graham Greene (Author) "ONE NEVER knows when the blow may fall..." (more) 改編之電影The Third Man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

討論一番紫羅蘭姑娘 Prater Violet 衣修午德

1-5 of 5 pages with references to prater:

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1. on Page 15:
"... the Russian zone, where the Prater lay smashed and deso- late and full of weeds, ..."
2. on Page 78:
"... half- destroyed Diana baths and in the distance the great black circle of the Prater Wheel, stationary above the ruined houses. ..."
3. on Page 119:
"... zone-in the second bezirk to be exact, in a wide empty desolate street that runs down to the Prater Platz. ..."
4. on Page 132:
"... A ghost isn't afraid of a man, is it? Surely it's the other way round. I'll be waiting in the Prater by the Big ..."
5. on Page 133:
"... the smashed Prater with its bones sticking crudely through the snow was nearly empty. One stall sold thin flat cakes like cartwheels, ..."

2008年11月13日 星期四

"Metropolis (film)". The Great Dictator

晚上與日本友人 Kawase 先生到師範大學藝術史研究所參加 奧地利Innsbruck大學來的客座老師 Dr Cristoph Hoelz 放映 The Great Dictator by Chales Chaplin 討論一番

The Great Dictator

Wikipedia: The Great Dictator

今天讀一下紐約時報 (December 26, 1977 OBITUARY)

Chaplin's Little Tramp, an Everyman Trying to Gild Cage of Life, Enthralled World


No motion picture actor so captured and enthralled the world as did Charles Spencer Chaplin, a London ragamuffin who became an immortal artist for his deft and effective humanization of man's tragicomic conflicts with fate.

humanization 讓我想起WWS說 Dr Deming的統計教學:

-List" href="file:///C:%5CDOCUME%7E1%5Chans%5CLOCALS%7E1%5CTemp%5Cmsohtml1%5C01%5Cclip_filelist.xml">
I first met Dr. Deming the fall of 1972 at New York University's Graduate Business School. They were just completing the World Trade Center at the time and it towered above the classrooms at 100 Trinity Place. Deming had turned 72 at the time and was the only "old" person that I knew who didn't dwell on the past. "Management's job is the future." Deming focused on it. The course was on statistical methods for business research and was a combination of stories on how the methods were developed and the statistical methods themselves. Dr. Deming had a way of humanizing the mathematics of statistics.

師大藝術史研究所電影之夜 建築與電影的對話

Wikipedia article "Metropolis (film)".

Film | 04.07.2008

Long-Lost "Metropolis" Reels Hint at Fritz Lang's Original Vision

A long-lost original cut of the 1927 silent film "Metropolis" found in an Argentine film museum was shown to journalists for the first time. The cut reveals some the extent of director Fritz Lang's original vision.

The celluloid of the German classic was in private hands for 80 years and then was in the Museum of Cinema in Buenos Aires where it was discovered in April with never before seen scratched images.

Museum director Paula Felix-Didier said theirs is the only copy of German director Fritz Lang's complete film.

Three reels, edited out and long thought lost, were part of the discovery of the film that depicts a 21st century world divided between an underworld working class and the above-ground thinkers who control them.

Buenos Aires film distributor Adolfo Z. Wilson acquired a long version of "Metropolis" in 1928 which survived as a copy, and finally ended up in the archive of a local film museum, said Felix-Didier.

Rediscovered reels deemed authentic

Fritz Lang Bildunterschrift: Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift: Lang's original vision may finally be realized

A DVD of the version was brought to the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation in Wiesbaden, Germany, for analysis. Researchers at the foundation, which owns the rights to "Metropolis," confirmed that the scenes were original.

"We were overjoyed when we heard about the find," foundation head Helmut Possmann told Reuters news agency. "We no longer believed we'd see this. Time and again we had had calls about supposed footage but were disappointed.

"We're not being fooled," he said. "The film can now be shown more or less as Lang originally intended it. In terms of understanding what it's about, we'll be seeing a new film."

Material expands characters and plot

A film poster for Bildunterschrift: The film wasn't an initial success

Around 20 to 25 minutes of footage that fleshes out secondary characters and sheds light on the plot would be added to the film pending restoration, he added. But around five minutes of the original were probably still missing, he said.

Due to the poor condition of the film stock, it was too early to say how long restoration would take, Possmann said.

"It's taken several years with similar films," he added.

Written by Lang and his actress wife Thea von Harbou, “Metropolis” was originally three-and-a-half-hours long but was cut into a shorter version since seen by millions worldwide.

Commercial flop to influential blueprint

It was not a commercial success and nearly bankrupted the studio behind it. According to some estimates, it still ranks as one of the most expensive movies ever made once inflation is factored in.

With its cold, monumental vision of a vast mechanized society in the middle of a tumultuous class struggle, "Metropolis" forged a template for generations of science fiction cinema, and its enduring influence has been cited on films from "Blade Runner" to "Fahrenheit 451" and "Star Wars."

"Metropolis," was the first film to be entered into UNESCO's Memory of the World Register -- which aims to preserve cultural achievements of outstanding significance.

DW staff (nda)

2008年11月8日 星期六

方聞 教授專題系列演講及座談會--2008國立臺灣大學藝術史研究所

大師到師大--一位藝術史學家的世紀回顧 (方聞教授座談)

admin - 座談 | 2008-10-24 05:13:35

My Journey through Chinese Art History
聯絡電話:(02) 2395-9885
電子郵件: hoart@deps.ntnu.edu.tw
一是老一輩的華人帶下一代到大都會 只看畫的印 知道這是"唐伯虎"的 就走

他們可能在北京清華大學教過三年 (似乎沒什麼成就 或許謙虛)
問 每天630-730 到校園打太極拳的 多是離休校工

據他說他的好友日本東京大學鈴木敬教授 退休之後到靜岡的溫泉防震基金成立的博物館當館長/義工
他勉勵學藝術史研究所的 多從事"導遊/導引"


不過藝術學科是通的 他在普林斯頓先教6年西洋中古藝術 (建築)

可惜中國兩千多家博物館的藏品都被職員"上鎖" ---或需靠錢或關係才看得到真品

2008國立臺灣大學藝術史研究所 專題系列演講及座談會

主講人:方聞 教授




1. 演講

2008/11/05 () 14:00-16:00


The Han-Tang Miracle at Dunhuang


2. 座談會

2008/11/08 ()



Why is Chinese Painting Art History?


3. 演講

2008/11/10 ()



Paradigms and Deconstruction in Song and Yuan Landscape Art


4. 演講

2008/11/13 ()



Wang Hui's Repossessing the Past


地點:國立臺灣大學第二學生活動中心B1 蘇格拉底廳/柏拉圖廳


Many scholars of archaic Greek sculpture do not focus on this idea that Greek kouroi represent an ideal and not individuals. This is so because most are interested in how the representation of human form changed between the mid seventh and the early fifth century. In investigating this change, scholars focus on the differences between the kouroi rather than the similarities they share. For these art historians, representations of men during the archaic period came to look more and more like real men. That is, as sculpture progressed chronologically, it came to look more and more like what it represented. This view has allowed a scholar like Gombrich to write:

"The whole process looks so logical and inevitable that it appears easy to arrange the various types of figures so as to show their gradual approximation to life. ... But even though our reading of the history of Greek art may have made it look too tidy, the essential lines of this astounding development have been established beyond any doubt. ...the conquest of naturalism may be described as the gradual accumulation of corrections due to the observation of reality." E. H. Gombrich, "The Greek Revolution," Art and Illusion (1961): 117-18.

2008年11月6日 星期四

2008 臺灣大學統計研討會




究中心 統計諮詢門診。 這兩個單位為您提共服務)

敬祝 順安


1 2008 臺灣大學統計研討會議程
2 8:30 - 9:00 報到
3 9:00 - 9:20 統計週競賽活動頒獎及長官致詞
4 主持人:羅竹芳 臺灣大學生命科學院院長
5 9:20 - 10:00 劉仁沛 主任 國立台灣大學統計教學中心
6 統計教學中心之工作與展望
7 10:00 - 10:40 劉仁沛 主任 國立台灣大學統計教學中心
8 研究資源與研究成果關係之探討:以臺灣大學生命科學相相關領域為例
9 10:40 - 11:00 Break
10 主持人:趙永茂 臺灣大學社科學院政治學系教授兼院長
11 11:00- 11:40 洪永泰 教授 國立台灣大學政治系
12 椰林過客群像:臺大學生的人口學特徵、認知、態度與行為
13 11:40 - 12:20 李文宗 所長 國立台灣大學流行病學所
14 醫學及公共衛生研究中常見的研究設計及分析之謬誤
15 12:20 - 13:30 Lunch
16 主持人:季瑋珠 臺灣大學公共衛生學院預防醫學研究所教授
17 13:30 - 14:10 李克昭 所長 中央研究院統計研究所
18 Model selection, dimension reduction and liquid association: a trilogy via Stein's lemma
19 14:10 - 14:50 熊昭 主任 國家衛生研究院生物統計與生物資訊研究組
20 生物統計在生物醫學研究的角色及案例分享
21 14:50 - 15:10 Break
22 主持人:吳鐵肩 成功大學統計系教授
23 15:10 - 15:50 陳宏 教授 國立台灣大學數學系
24 使用學測、指考成績預測微積分學期成績
25 15:50 - 16:30 講員:優良教學助理
26 初等統計學實習課教學心得分享